Maintenance Services

We offer an array of services for our customers from pool openings to spa maintenance. Let us do the work for you so you can enjoy your backyard paradise!

Water Testing

Enjoy your pool with the peace of mind and bacteria free water every time you dive into crystal clear safe water. Backyard Pool and Patio has everything you need to keep your pool or spa chemicals balanced and clean; giving you time for carefree enjoyment. We offer free, state-of-the-art computer water…

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pool Maintenance

The key to enjoying your swimming pool to the fullest is regular pool maintenance and care. When your pool is clean and well-maintained, it offers a safer and more comfortable environment for you, your family, and your friends. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service with on-site water testing to ensure…

Spa Maintenance

Regular spa maintenance keeps your spa safe and in top working condition. Year round service gives you the peace of mind to enjoy and relax in your spa.

Silver Ion Cartridge Auto-Ship Program

The Auto Ship program allows you to save time, money, and chemicals. By timely replacement of your silver cartridge, you can enjoy crystal clear water, and reduce the amount of chlorine you use. With free shipping, you have peace of mind knowing when it's time.

Pool Opening and Closing

We can help professionally open and close your pool. So when it's time for summer fun, call us to properly open your pool and when it's time to close we offer peace of mind in knowing your pool is protected for the winter months.


As a BioGuard® authorized dealer we offer expert advice and can help you customize a personal pool care system with basic pool maintenance, pool safety, seasonal tips, troubleshooting, and product safety. Let our team of experts show you the way to clear, inviting, safe water every time. Protect your…


Backyard Pool & Patio is proud to offer SpaGuard®, as a proven, traditional spa & hot tub chemical program that works to effectively control all kinds of bacteria that love hot water. We offer chlorine or bromine, water balancing chemicals, cleaners, and accessories, to maintain the proper pH, total…


Unicel® is the nation’s leading manufacturer of swimming pool filter replacement cartridges. Their filters keep your pool and spa waters clearly the best.